Other Services

In addition to employee assistance (EAP) and wellness programs, CuraLinc Healthcare provides a variety of additional services to client organizations that augment the health, productivity and engagement of employees.

Global EAP and Work-Life Services

With dedicated international resources, and a mission for providing in-person services anywhere in the world, SupportLinc offers a single source solution for client organizations with employees outside of the U.S. CuraLinc’s experienced staff provides 24-hour, 365 day per year intake access and emergency intervention for clients across the globe.

PharmaLinc (Pharmacy Intervention Program)

CuraLinc Healthcare’s pharmacy intervention program, PharmaLinc, monitors the use of prescription medication and ensures that the client is receiving the most effective treatment for their condition. After identifying members who have been prescribed a psychotropic medication in a general medical setting, CuraLinc will work with the member and the prescribing physician to develop the most appropriate treatment strategy. This process results in savings, both directly and indirectly, to the employer and employee.

StudentLinc (Student Resource Services)

StudentLinc provides around-the-clock professional assistance to help students manage personal concerns, emotional issues, transition and adjustment concerns, academic stress, career development, and the demands of daily and family obligations. The program increases student retention and reduces the incidence of emergency room visits.

DisabilityLinc (Disability Management Program)

Combining the services of an EAP with a disability management program can have a positive impact on both the employee and the employer. Through DisabilityLinc, CuraLinc will develop a clinically-based outbound engagement strategy to connect employees with resources available through the SupportLinc program. The program will drive shorter short-term disability durations, lower the incidence of repeat claims, and address the psychosocial concerns of members of long-term disability leave.

FMLALinc (FMLA Administration Services)

FMLA administration is complicated and time-consuming. It creates an administrative burden that can tie up organizational resources, decrease productivity and expose companies to unnecessary risk. FMLALinc can minimize a company's administrative and regulatory burden by reviewing, processing and tracking leave requests related to the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act. The program helps employers reduce employee abuse of FMLA and provides resources for managing FMLA-related absences, resulting in reduced costs and improved employee efficiency and engagement.

Managed Behavioral Health Services

CuraLinc Healthcare offers an innovative managed behavioral health program that focuses on clinical advocacy and skilled management of mental health and substance abuse (MH/SA) costs. The program adheres to a thorough standard of case management and follow up protocol to ensure the best possible outcomes for all participants.


CuraLinc Healthcare's telemedicine program, provided through a strategic partnership, provides members with around-the-clock access to licensed physicians while reducing claims costs for benefits plans. The service reduces unnecessary visits to the doctor, urgent care and emergency room and correlates to reduced sick-leave absenteeism and less time off work. CuraLinc's telemedicine services allow members to receive diagnoses, medical advice, treatment recommendations and even prescription medications when appropriate.

Nurse Line

The telephone triage component of CuraLinc’s NurseLinc program increases the appropriate use of healthcare resources by empowering members with symptomatic issues to obtain health information and advice. Callers with serious problems are encouraged to seek help immediately, avoiding dangerous and costly delays in initiating necessary care, and callers who do not require medical care are able to avoid unnecessary trips to emergency rooms and physician offices.